• Health & Safety Inspections

    Health & Safety Inspections

    Here is information about the upcoming Health & Safety Inspections

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  • MAGIS Moment

    MAGIS Moment

    Did you catch one of our team members going above and beyond to meet our mission? Tell us about it!

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  • Living Learning Communities at Georgetown University

    Living Learning Communities at Georgetown University

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  • Party Host Training

    Party Host Training

    Party Host Training is now online! Important information for students living in university-owned apartments and townhouses.

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We pride ourselves on encouraging the personal, intellectual and spiritual growth of students while they live both on-campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. All full-time, unmarried undergraduate students are eligible to live on campus as space is available. Students are guaranteed two years of housing and may request housing for their junior and senior years.

Students seeking off-campus housing can find great places in the surrounding neighborhoods. We offer information, assistance, and programs to make living off-campus exciting and as easy as possible.

Student living is about more than just where you will live. We strive to help students create homes away from homes and become part of their community here on campus and in the area they live. 



Residence Hall Office

  • lockouts/keys/check-in
  • package delivery
  • cleaning supplies on loan
  • guest passes

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RHO Summer Hours

9:00 am - 9:00 pm, 7 days

Kennendy RHO open 24 hours, 7 days