Hill River City

Hill River City is a community of students who live and learn together on the 8th floor of Kennedy. This community explores the evolution of American college curricula, and the sometimes unusual origins of the studies we take for granted today. There is special focus as well on Georgetown's unique approach to education, and how Georgetown has changed, stayed constant, and responded to the urgencies of our days and years.

Hill River City's name is taken from Fr. Healy's 1989 presidential speech for Georgetown's Bicentennial celebration, in which he plays on the three physically distinctive qualities of our surroundings -- this Hilltop, the Potomac, and bustling DC. This community, and adjoining required course (AMST 343) will challenge some assumptions about higher learning in general, about the structure of colleges (including this one), and invite you to put some of your courses in conversations with each other, in ways you may not normally think of doing, or feel invited to do.

As part of this living learning community, there is a requirement to enroll in AMST 343 for the fall 2014 semester. There is not a required course for the spring, but students will continue to explore course connections in spring with a one-credit interdisciplinary project. But it's not all academic - we have fun, too! Some examples of programs include frequent common room cooking nights, impromptu karaoke evenings, and kayaking along the Potomac River.

Check out this article profiling our awesome and unique community.

For more information pleas contact Dean Tad Howard, hrh@georgetown.edu.

Open to: All students, but American Studies students are encouraged
Located in: Kennedy Hall