Living Learning Communities for Upperclass & Transfer Students





Living Learning Communities (LLC) integrate academics with your outside interests. You can live with others who share your enthusiasm about a topic! Although each LLC has a different theme, the overall goals are to:

  • Enhance overall educational experience
  • Foster learning through group activities
  • Establish a sense of community
  • Encourage support and respect of each other and the program
  • Promote the LLC themes throughout the University 


Living Learning Community Timelines

Application processes for the 2017-2018 year are currently being developed. Information will be disseminated when available.

For questions about this process, please contact the advisor of the LLC or Angel Garcia

Application Processes

Each community has a unique application and re-application form.  The individual LLC page will contain the links to the applications.  The re-application form is to be used if you currently live in a LLC and wish to return to the same LLC next year.  If you have a new application, or wish to join a different LLC, please use the standard application.

If you wish to be considered for more than one Living Learning Community, you must complete an application for each LLC.