Moving Out - Spring Semester

Students must leave campus 24 hours after their last exam or by Noon on Sunday, May 10, 2015. The halls officially close for maintenance and preparation for summer programs on that weekend.Only graduating seniors and students approved for May Transition Housing are permitted to remain in campus housing past closing.

Vacating requires that you move out, remove all your belongings, (you may not leave your belongings with your roommate), and return your key. The University is unable to provide storage during the summer months. Students not complying with the regulations regarding the vacating of rooms will be subject to both of the following:

  1. Room occupancy and storage fees. Fees will be charged for belongings left with your roommate.
  2. Belongings will be moved out of the rooms and the student will assume full responsibility for any losses.

Students are responsible for the following tasks. Failure to complete these tasks could result in charges being assessed to your student account:

  • Remove all personal items from the room. Items left in rooms after closing will be disposed of. The University assumes no liability for items left behind.
  • Remove bikes from bike racks. Bikes left behind will be removed from the racks.
  • Clean your room or apartment to return it to a satisfactory condition. Special cleaning charges begin at $50 for rooms, $175 for apartments and $200 for townhouses.
  • Do not leave bags in custodial trash cans and carpets or cinder blocks on the floor or lobby or the entire community will be fined for improper trash disposal.
  • Please dispose of recyclables properly.
  • Remove tape, nails, tacks, or message boards from your walls, ceilings, and doors.
  • All furniture in the apartment or residence hall at the initial inspection must be present and in good condition during the final inspection, or you will be charged for replacement.
  • Residents of Copley, New South, Harbin, McCarthy, Kennedy, Reynolds and Village C must debunk their beds and leave the pegs on one of the beds
  • Please remember to deadbolt and lock all your doors and windows when you leave to avoid damage to your room, apartment, or townhouse after your departure. If you neglect to lock your doors and windows, you are responsible if damages are found or any furniture is missing during the final inspection, and your student account will be charged accordingly.

Download this letter for more detail information about moving out of the residence halls, including key drops, parking, dumpster locations, and cart reservations!

For May Transition Housing information and applications, click here.