Alumni Square


Alumni Square is an upperclass student residential complex completed in 1980 and comprised of four buildings named after Georgetown alumni: Groves, Beh, McBride, and McCahill. The complex is constructed right outside the University gates around a grassy courtyard with shade trees, park benches, and a brick walkway from O Street to N Street. The location offers a great place to study during the spring!


  • Laundry facilities and mail facilities located off the courtyard
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Cable is available for a monthly service fee through our campus provider, RCN
  • Outdoor grill area

Hall Features

  • Four-person apartments on 3 levels
  • Average apartment square footage: 778.92 (see example floor plan in photos above)
  • Each apartment contains:
    • two bedrooms
    • one bathroom
    • large living/dining room with numerous windows
    • kitchen
  • Each apartment is approximately 700-800 square feet
  • Living rooms are furnished with:
    • a sofa
    • two armchairs
    • two lamps
    • a coffee table
    • an end table
    • a dining room table with four chairs
    • a large shelf unit
  • The kitchen:
    • is equipped with a gas range and garbage disposal
    • has cabinets and drawers under the counter
    • cabinets overhead
    • two refrigerator units under the counter.
      • some apartments have a separate refrigerator and a separate freezer; in others, the refrigerators have built-in freezers
  • Chaplains-in-Residence 

Room Features

  • Each bedroom has:
    • built-in bunk beds
    • two full size closets
    • two desks with lights
    • overhead shelves
    • chairs for each desk
  • The bathroom is divided into two rooms
    • outer room contains two sinks, cabinet space and a large mirror
    • Inner room contains a toilet and tub/shower

Community Director

Eileen Rodriguez
(202) 687.6742


The RHO is located on the first floor of LXR. This RHO services LXR, Nevils, Alumni Square, and Townhouse residents.

RHO Manager: Annie Aleman


  • lockout keys
  • check-in and check-out
  • package delivery
  • cleaning supplies for loan
  • cart loans
  • guest passes


  • Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm
  • Weekends & Holidays: 12pm-9pm


  • Phone Number: (202) 687.6960
  • Location: LXR Lobby

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