Residence Halls/Apartments

How do I find out which apartments and residence hall rooms are available for selection?

Available rooms and apartments will be available once you sign-up for a selection phase. You can search for rooms and apartments on your Housing-at-a-Glance page.

What are the apartment/residence hall room rates for next year going to be?

Room rates are approved by the Board, next year’s rates will be posted in the Spring Semester. View the current rate sheet.

I am a rising sophomore who is required to live on campus. Can I choose a University owned townhouse?

No, townhouses are reserved for juniors and seniors.

If I select a University townhouse for my junior year, can I renew it for my senior year?

No. To be equitable to all students, University townhouses are treated the same as University residence halls and apartments.

If I select a room on campus and later decide to move to a University townhouse or on-campus apartment, is that switch possible?

Yes. Switches from on campus residence halls to University townhouses or apartments are permitted if all members living in the townhouse/apartment agree to the switch.

What are the chances of a rising sophomore getting an apartment?

It depends on how many seniors and juniors choose apartments.

What are the chances of getting a single room?

Since these rooms usually are among those selected first, you would need to have a selection number near the top to have any chance of getting a single room. Singles will be split between males and females. Single rooms offered during housing selection are located in LXR, McCarthy, Kennedy and Reynolds Halls. Some singles on campus are reserved for persons with physical disabilities or other special needs. The three singles in Copley are reserved for students with a medical need, who are mobility impaired or need access to a private bathroom. Singles are only offered to juniors and seniors on the wait list. Singles are only provided to sophomores with documented special need.

How do we get on a Wait List to get an apartment if my group did not get one in the housing selection?

The apartment housing selection numbers posted during the housing selection remains in effect. The Office of Residential Living will offer the next apartment group in line if additional apartments become available.

Can we hold a space open in our apartment for a student who signed up on the Wait List?

No. All spaces will be offered in the housing selection, and students who are eligible for housing will have an option to choose any empty spaces. If the space remains open, it will then be offered to transfer students and students on the Wait List, starting with the first person on the list.

Group Selection

Do all group members have to be present at Housing Selection?

No. Housing Selection occurs on line. Apartment/townhouse and residence hall groups pick a sponsor who must make a selection on line at the time the group is designated. Individuals selecting singles will serve as his/her own Sponsor. After the Sponsor has made the selection, all group members will be sent an email to verify the selection made and a link to the location where the Housing Occupancy Agreement must be electronically signed. During the selection, the Group Sponsor will only be able to log on in one location to reduce traffic on the server during selection.

If my friends and I enter the housing selection as two groups of two, can the group with the higher selection number pull up the second to choose an apartment or adjacent rooms?

No. There is no "pulling up" for groups. If four students wish to room together, they should enter the housing selection as one group. A group will have the opportunity to add in another student to be a fifth, sixth, or seventh member of their apartment group.

If all members of our group decide to switch out or drop the apartment, can we give it to our friends?

No. All empty apartments revert to the Office of Residential Living to be offered to the next group in line.

We are three rising sophomores and we have one rising junior in our group. Can we choose an apartment complex if we have a mixed group?

Yes. You may choose any available apartment (with the exception of townhouses) with a mixed group.

Can my friend and I select a room together if we sign up on the Wait List as a group of two?

Yes, as long as there are two available spaces together when we reach your number.


Can I find out what students selected in last year's housing selection?

Yes. The Office of Residential Living compiles a list of what was chosen last year. We will post the list on your Housing-at-a-Glance page prior to the announcement of the selection order for the first selection phase of the year.

My two friends and I would like to sign up for an apartment with an international roommate. Is this possible?

It is possible to request an international roommate. However, the international roommate may not be one of the original four members of the apartment group. The international roommate may only be added in as the fifth, sixth, or seventh member of an apartment group.

Are students with special medical needs given preference in the housing selection?

Consideration is given only to serious medical conditions which are documented by a health care provider. Students with medical need for special accommodations will need to contact the Academic Resource Center to request medical housing. See the Housing Selection Handbook for additional information.

I want to join a Living Learning community, but I am not eligible to live on campus next year. May I still join?

No. You must be eligible for housing selection in order to live in Living Learning Communities. If spaces remain in the LLC locations after all eligible students have gone through selection, students who did not have eligibility may apply for those spaces.

I plan to apply for an RA position next year, but I am not sure that I will be accepted. What should I do about entering the housing selection?

You should make plans to enter the housing selection as if you are not chosen as an RA. Then if you are selected to be an RA, you can switch to RA housing. If you are a member of an apartment group, the remaining roommates will have three days to name an eligible replacement from the date you are dropped from the assignment. (If no replacement has been named by this deadline, the space will be posted as a vacancy in the housing selection.)

If I enter the housing selection and later decide to live off campus, may I give my housing selection pick to a friend who drew a lower number?

No. You cannot give away your housing selection pick number. If you do not wish to choose housing, we will proceed to the next group on the list. Each group with a pick number after yours moves up one spot.

If I decide not to return to Georgetown next year, will I be charged for housing?

You will not be charged for housing if you notify the Office of Residential Living in writing before school begins. We will contact your Dean or the Registrar's Office to confirm your withdrawal.

If I sign up on the Wait List, what are my chances of getting a space on campus?

It depends on how many seniors with eligibility actually select housing in housing selection. If there are a number of "no shows," spaces will be offered to students on the Wait List. In recent years, we have been able to accommodate all of the students on the Wait List before classes started in the fall.

Can I choose a friend who is not eligible for housing as a fifth, sixth, or seventh member in an apartment?

No. All students added to apartments or townhouses must be eligible for housing selection.

If I win one of the apartment InterHall raffles, can I pick an ineligible student to live with me?

No. Winners of the raffles who are not eligible will be granted eligibility only for himself or herself. Roommates must be eligible students. Spaces cannot be held for students on the wait list to become eligible.

I am a first year student and I do not want to live on campus next year. What are the possibilities of getting an exemption from the housing requirement?

You must meet exemption requirements. For procedures and deadlines, review the Housing Exemption Request Forms. Deadlines are posted on the form and in the Selection Timeline on our website.

How does a student who is studying abroad obtain housing?

Students abroad should regularly check the Student Living web site for information about the selection process. Since selection is done all online, students with access to the Internet can participate in the selection process the same as students who are on campus. Students abroad can also designate a Sponsor to select for him/her. Student must carefully choose and name a student sponsor who will select housing for him/her. If the student cannot find a student sponsor, he/she may ask the Office of Residential Living to make his/her selection. Once the space selection is made, the student studying abroad must go to the Housing web site to electronically sign the Occupancy Agreement.

I am planning to study abroad first semester but want to live with my friends when I return. Should I sign up with them to get an apartment?

Students confirmed by the Office of Global Education to be abroad fall semester will not be eligible to go through the housing selection process. The Office of Residential Living will reach out to fall study abroad students in early September regarding their spring housing options.

If I am going abroad second semester and my friend is going abroad first semester, can we just switch places in the apartment?

Fall residents may fill anticipated spring vacancies by naming a new roommate on a Vacancy Fill-In form. These forms will be due to Residential Living late fall semester. More information will go out to fall residents about this process in early-September.