Staff Biographies

Office of Residential Living

Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie has been at Georgetown University since 2003 and has over 20 years of experience in Higher Education. Stephanie has been the Assistant Dean for Residential Living since 2013. Previously, she worked as the Director of Residence Life at Georgetown University for ten years and was the Associate Dean of Students at Menlo College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stephanie holds a MA in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University and a BS in Business and Human Resource Management from Central Washington University. Stephanie oversees and the Office of Residential Living collaborating with all staff in developing a residential living and learning environment. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys walking the National Mall with her dog, traveling, and gardening.

Office Location: Leavey 525
Contact Information: | 202-687-4560 (T)
Degrees: M.A. Eastern New Mexico | B.S. Central Washington University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Learner | Achiever | Context | Arranger | Harmony

Ed Gilhool

Ed joined the Residential Living team in 2009 and currently serves as the Director of Residential Education. As the Director, Ed is responsible for the oversights and development of Georgetown's rich residential living-learning program, which includes working with the professional and student staff to provide inclusive communities that foster student formation. He has worked in Student Affairs and Residence Life, both at public and private institutions such as The University of Arizona, Oregon State University and American University, for nearly 14 years and has particular interest in strategic planning, emergency management, student leadership and social justice education. Outside of work, Ed enjoys traveling and running.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4560 (T) | 202.687.4590 (F)
Degrees: B.S. Public & Non-Profit Administration, Grand Valley State University | M.Ed. Master of Education, Oregon State University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Futuristic | Relator | Developer | Empathy | Focus

Patrick Killillee

Pat has been a member of the Georgetown community since 2007. As Executive Director for Residential Services, he has oversight of student housing assignments, residential operations (to include RHOs, furniture and facilities related issues) and summer housing and conferences. Along with the Residential Services team, he ensures that the policies and residential conditions enhance the student residential experience.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4560 (T) | 202.687.4590 (F)
Degrees: B.S. Secondary Education, Buffalo State College | M.S. Student Personnel Administration, University of Minnesota, Mankato
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Ideation | Strategic | Relater | Individualization | Input

Andrew Erdmann

Andrew has been with Georgetown since August of 2012, and serves as an Associate Director for Residential Education. Andrew works with the upperclass communities on campus, and works to coordinate student conduct within the residence halls, as well as the development of learning outcomes. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys traveling, tennis, golf, exploring DC, hanging out with his dog, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.3655 (T)
Degrees: B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007 | M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009 | Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Expected Graduation Date May 2016
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Arranger | Belief | Significance | Restorative | Individualization

Katie Heather

Katie has been a member of the Residential Living team since 2008. She works closely with the Assistant Director of the first year area and is responsible for the on-going development of the Living Learning Community program, the Faculty-in-Residence cohort and coordinates training for professional staff members. Katie has an interest in working with students in transition and with bystander education advocacy. Outside of work, Katie cultivates her garden, plays with her dog and competes in triathlons.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.1980 (T) | 202.687.6255 (F)
Degrees: B.A. Psychology, Fairfield University | M.A. Higher Education Administration, Boston College
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Adaptability | Developer | Empathy | Positivity | Relator

Bill Huff

Bill Huff has been with Georgetown since 2008 and one of the Associate Directors in the Office of Residential Living currently working with Summer Programs. He received his MA in Student Development in Post Secondary Education from The University of Iowa and BA in Speech Communication/Theater & Secondary Education from Mount Mercy University. Bill devotes most of his professional energy toward engaging others in dialogue and reflection with a focus in social justice education and advocacy.

Office Location: Harbin 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.4564 (T)
Degrees: B.A. Speech Communication/Theater & Secondary Education, Mount Mercy University | M.A. Student Development in Post Secondary Education, University of Iowa
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Communication | Connectedness | Woo | Strategic | Input

Cory Boone

Cory has been with Georgetown since the summer 2012 as an Assistant Director in Residential Living.  He works closely with four community directors that oversee the community development of the first year area. Additionally, Cory advises the RA Recruitment and Selection Committee , serves as a co- chair to the Learning Outcome Committee and serves on the Diversity Education Committee within the Division of Student Affairs.  He has a special interest in diversity, social justice and inclusion work in higher education.   He works closely with the underrepresented student populations on campus by serving as an advisor to several student groups.

Office Location: Kennedy 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.0712 (T)
Degrees: B.S. Accounting/Business Management | M.A. Higher Education Administration
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Achiever | Learner | Relator | Strategic |  Adaptability

Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia joined the Hoya Family in June 2014 as an Assistant Director of Residential Education. Angel works with the Community Directors in upperclass student communities. He works closely with  our Living and Learning Communities program. Angel enjoys story telling, and talking about any liberal arts topics: Religion, Philosophy, History, etc. He is passionate about identity development and team bonding. Angel likes to play any and all sports, dancing, and spending time with his wife Abigail.

Office Location: Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall
Contact Information: | 202.687-4759 (T)
Degrees: B.A. Humanities | B.A. Philosophy  |  M.S. Student Affairs with Emphasis in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Adaptability | Woo | Communication | Empathy | Arranger

Krista Haxton

Krista Haxton is the Assistant Director of Assignments. Originally from Seattle,she relocated to the District and began working at Georgetown in 2013. She oversees the housing assignment process for on-campus residents. In particular, she works closely with the incoming transfer and international students,and coordinates the spring housing selection process for continuing students. Off campus, she enjoys spending time at the Kogod Courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery, drinking margaritas, and watching futbol.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4560 (T) |  202.687.1299 (F)
Degrees: B.A. Seattle Pacific University

Emily Nanna

Emily arrived at the Hilltop in November 2015 as an Assistant Director of Residential Education. Emily works with the Community Directors in apartment and townhouse communities. Her professional interests include recruitment and training of staff, equity and access in higher education and staff supervision and development. In her free time, Emily enjoys barre classes, drinking coffee and eating cheese. 

Office Location: LXR
Contact Information: | 202.687.4560 (T)
Degrees: B.A. History, University of South Florida, 2010 | B.A. English Literature, University of South Florida, 2010 | M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, University of South Florida, 2012
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Deliberative | Discipline |  Significance | Focus | Harmony

Georgie Asfoura

Office Location: New South Lobby
Contact Information: | 202.687.7430 (T)
Degrees: B.A. - Boston College, M.Ed - Vanderbilt University

Christopher Barth

Christopher has been with Georgetown University since the summer of 2014, serving as a Community Director for the Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall Residential Academy and Village C East communities. Christopher also collaborates with professional staff to further development and implement co-curricular learning initiatives and strategies for our department. He is passionate about social justice and inclusion & international and comparative education.

Office Location: Village C East 474
Contact Information: | 202-687-4560 (T) 
Degrees: B.A. Psychology - The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | B.A. International Studies - The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | M.S. Student Affairs in Higher Education - Miami University, Oxford


Honey has been with Residential Living working as the Community Director for Kennedy and Reynolds since January 2017. She facilitates community development of the upperclassmen halls, alongside her resident assistants, through collaborations with the Jesuit in Residence, Chaplin in Residence, Faculty in Residence, and other campus partners. Honey is passionate about social justice, mentorship, and supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds to foster growth and development. Outside of work, Honey enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as cooking, traveling, attending concerts/festivals, and taking dance classes.

Office Location: Reynolds 143
Contact Information:| 202-687-0714
Degrees: B.A. Theatre/Dance & Childhood Education, Wells College | Ed.M. Higher Education Administration: concentration in Student Affairs, State University of New York at Buffalo
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Positivity |Woo|Developer|Communication|Individualization

Kas Bryant

Kerstin 'Kas' joined the Georgetown Residential Living team in 2016 as a Community Director for Village A. Kas earned her BFA in New Media Art from the University of West Florida and her MFA in Art + Technology from the University of Florida. She began her career in Higher Education as an instructor in New Media Art, but transitioned into Housing and Residence Education where she developed a true passion for Crisis Management and Prevention. In her leisure she enjoys running, painting, and documentaries.

Office Location: Village A, Laundry Room
Contact Information:
Degrees: BFA New Media Art; MFA Art + Technology
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Learner | Achiever | Responsibility | Strategic | Positivity

Jaime Brown

Jaime joined the Residential Living team in November 2016 as the Community Director for Harbin Hall. Jaime earned her MA in Higher Education & Student Affairs from New York University and her BA from Rutgers University. She is passionate about improving access to higher education as well as student retention and persistence. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga and is a self-proclaimed foodie.

Office Location: Harbin Hall 102
Contact Information: | 202.687.3583 (T)
Degrees: BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice; MA in Higher Education & Student Affairs
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Deliberative | Maximizer | Achiever | Focus | Futuristic

Darnell Hammock

Darnell has been with Georgetown since the Spring of 2012 as a Assignment Specialist for the Office of Residential Living. He oversees all First year assignments, as well as LLC's, Alumni Square, and Townhouses.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202-687-4566 (T)
Degrees:B.A. Howard University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Adaptability | Relator | Achiever | Analytical

Katherine Himmelman

Katherine has been with Georgetown since the summer of 2015 as the community director for Copley Hall. She oversees community development, support and campus referral for residential students, and supervises the resident assistant staff.  Additionally she works directly with the Chaplains, Jesuit and Faculty-in-residence, and works with the Global Living and French LLCs.  She is interested in program development to promote access and persistence for student veterans. In her time outside of work, Katherine enjoys running, spending time with friends, a good Netflix marathon, and delectable brunches.

Office Location: Copley 115
Contact Information: | 202-687-6033 (T)  
Degrees: B.A. College of Our Lady of the Elms (History) | M.A. Boston College (Higher Education Administration)
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Restorative | Achiever | Learner | Responsibility | Futuristic

Rashada Jenkins

Rashada has been with Georgetown since January of 2014 as the Office Manager for the Office of Residential Living. She specializes in office administration, customer service/client relations, record management, and departmental student payroll. She is active in a variety of professional initiatives including Student Affairs' Diversity Education Committee, Student Staff Development and Recognition Committee, and the 2015 Community Director Search Committee. Outside of work, Rashada enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Camryn.

Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.8019  (T) |  202.687.4590 (F)
Degrees:  B.A. in Psychology, Spelman College
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Integrity | Self Motivation | Teamwork | Ambition | Visionary

Ashley Marquis

Ashley has been with Georgetown since March of 2015 fulfilling the position as Summer Programs Coordinator. In this role, Ashley manages the reservation and housing assignments of Residential spaces during the summer months. Throughout the year Ashley focuses on marketing Georgetown University residential spaces and services to summer school students, interns, non-profit, educationally-focused conference groups. Outside of work Ashley enjoys exploring the D.C area and painting.

Office Location: Harbin 104
Contact Information: | (202) 687-4563 (T)
Degrees: B.A. North Central College | M.S. Illinois State University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Learner | Relator | Empathy | Individualization | Responsibility

Eileen Rodriguez

Eileen Rodriguez joined the Georgetown community in June 2015 as the Community Director for Alumni Square and Townhouses. In this role, she is responsible for community development, supervising RAs, and advising two Living Learning Communities (Magis Row and MILC). Eileen's academic interests include leadership development, multiracial/multiethnic identity development, and supporting traditionally underrepresented students. In her spare time, Eileen enjoys exploring DC and creative DIY projects.

Office Location: Alumni Square, Laundry Room
Contact Information: | 202.687.6742 (T)
Degrees: B.A. in Public Relations - Hofstra University | M.A. in Higher Education & Student Affairs - University of Connecticut
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Achiever | Relator | Learner | Responsibility | Individualization

Danielle Melidona

Danielle joined the Residential Living team in the summer of 2016 as the Community Director for McCarthy Hall after serving as an intern during the previous summer. She has a passion for developing students as scholars, leaders, and global citizens. Danielle’s professional interests include leadership development, assessment, community development, and conduct. Outside of work, Danielle enjoys exploring the city and spending time with her family and friends.

Office Location: McCarthy Hall 111
Contact Information: | 202.687.0713 (T)
Degrees: B.A. Kent State University | M.S. The Pennsylvania State University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Belief, Responsibility, Strategic, Relator, and Individualization

Jillian Sitjar

Jillian has been with Georgetown since the summer of 2015 as the Community Director for Henle Village after interning the previous summer. She has a passion for diversity and social justice and is excited for the opportunity to join other committees. Outside of work, Jillian enjoys running, exploring the city, shopping, visiting family and friends, and playing with her dog Marbles!

Office Location: Henle 3
Contact Information: | 202.687.6014 (T)
Degrees: B.A. Butler University | M.ED University of South Carolina

Kenny Steelman

Kenny has been with Residential Living working as the Community Director for Village C West since June 2015. He facilitates community development of the freshman residence, alongside his resident assistants, through collaborations with the Jesuit in Residence, Chaplin in Residence and other campus partners. Kenny is passionate about developing rapport with students and doing what he can to foster growth and development. He also has interests in student conduct and social justice. In his spare time, Kenny enjoys exercising at Yates, traversing the city, and listening to music.

Office Location: Village C West 411
Contact Information: | 202.687.2659 (T)|   202.687.1299 (F)
Degrees: B.A. in Geography, Old Dominion University | M.Ed in Higher Education Leadership, Valdosta State University
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Analytical | Harmony | Consistency | Futuristic | Significance

Bethany Tognocchi

Bethany joined the Residential Living team in February 2016 as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator. Within this role, Bethany oversees all marketing efforts within the department and controls departmental social media accounts. She loves developing new marketing campaigns to reach incoming and continuing students. In her free time, Bethany enjoys playing with her dog, freelancing as a graphic designer, doing yoga and cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers and Baltimore Ravens!

Office Location: Harbin 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.0627
Degrees: B.S. Graphic Design, Towson University | M.A. Student Affairs in Higher Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Adaptability, Communication, Connectedness, Empathy, Belief

joelle Tolifero

Joelle has been with Georgetown since January 2016 as the Community Director for Darnall Hall. She is committed to the development of students and works to create an atmosphere where students grow through their interactions with each other and within the communities they are a part of. Having traveled and lived abroad with students she believes that international exchange leads to understanding which in combination with education, "is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

Office Location: Darnall Hall, M-04
Contact Information: | 202.687.4779
Degrees: B.A. Political Science and Social Studies Education - West Chester University | M.A. International Educational Development - Teachers College, Columbia University 

Quintin Veasley

Quintin has been with Georgetown since the summer of 2014 as a Community Director for Arrupe Hall. He oversees community development and supervises the resident advisor staff. As a student affairs professional he has a special interest in residential safety and has a particular interest working with underrepresented student populations. Outside of work, Quintin enjoys brunches, spending time with friends and exploring the city.

Office Location: Arrupe Hall Lobby
Contact Information: | 202.687.0631 (T)
Degrees:A.S. Liberal Arts - Lincoln College | B.S. Criminal Justice/Sociology - Bradley University | M.Ed. Higher Education The University of Toledo
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Competition|Relator|Strategic|Restorative|Significance