Leave of Absence

If you take a leave at any time during the academic year, please follow these steps:

  • Complete a Housing Drop form, available in Harbin 100
  • Vacate your campus residence within 48 hours of withdrawing from the University
  • Remove all personal belongings from your residence; items may not be stored in your room. Items found to be left behind will be removed and a $200 removal fee will be assessed.
  • Return your key to the RHO or the Office of Residential Living. Do not return the key to your RA or Community Director. Failure to return they can result in a $200 non-returned key fine.
  • We will conduct an inspection of your residence after you leave to determine if any damage charges need assessment.

If you are returning from a leave of absence, you must initiate your request to live on campus. Please contact residentialliving@georgetown.edu for more information


What do I do with my room key when I leave?
You must return your room key to the RHO before you leave campus. Failure to return your room key will result in a$100 charge.

Can I store my belongings in the room over winter break and move-out in January?
No. Students must vacate their room/apartment by closing. You must remove all belongings before the break

Are there completely vacant apartments available for the spring semester?
In very rare circumstances, full apartments will become available in the spring. Students are welcome to request full apartments; however, they should also submit alternative filling requests in the event our office cannot accommodate their primary living preferences.

How do I select housing for the next academic year during fall selection?
The Office of Residential Living will contact you in September with information about housing selection for the next academic year. You will proceed with Housing Selection as if you are on campus. If you are planning to apply for housing with someone who is on campus for the fall semester, it may be easiest to have that person in charge of completing the selection process, especially considering time zone differences and availability of reliable internet service.

When will I be notified of my spring housing assignment?
Our office notifies students of their spring assignment by mid-December.