Shared Areas of Concern

Office of Neighborhood Life (ONL) expects that property owners/landlords who rent to Georgetown University students share ONL's concern that students are living safely and responsibly in the local community. To this end, property owners/landlords will want to become familiar with:

  1. ONL's efforts to enhance students' personal and home safety,
  2. the resources we direct students to for landlord-tenant issues,
  3. relevant University policies, and
  4. the expectations the University has of its students living off campus. We hope that you will support these efforts.


ONL educates students about personal safety, providing important tips on being vigilant and taking precautions to enhance their personal safety. You may review these tips here. You can contribute to enhancing students' safety in various ways, including, for example ensuring that locks on doors and windows are in good repair and talking with your student tenants about entry into their dwelling by you, workers or contractors your have hired, inspectors, and prospective tenants.

Home safety is also of paramount concern. ONL strongly encourages students living in the District to:

  1. make sure their landlord has the required Basic Business License to rent legally; and
  2. to request a home inspection when they have concerns about an issue in or condition of their residence.

Landlord-Tenant Resources

Students renting off campus will often look to ONL to suggest resources on landlord-tenant issues. A list of these resources can be found here.

Policy Regarding Properties of Concern

Property owners and landlords who lease properties to Georgetown University students will want to be familiar with the University's Policy Regarding Properties of Concern, which reflects the University's ongoing proactive efforts to maintain the high quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Landlord Accountability

In the fall of 2011, Georgetown University invited owners of rental properties in the areas near campus where students live to partner with the University in maintaining the high quality of life in these neighborhoods, and to publicly declare their commitment to this goal by signing a pledge. Learn about the pledge.

University Policies for Students

The policies that are particular to Georgetown University students who reside off campus in privately owned properties serve to assist students in meeting their responsibilities as members of the local community. These policies are also intended to further the University's commitment to being a good neighbor and working with our neighbors to maintain an enjoyable and safe community to live, work and study.

Student Responsibilities

All students are expected to act as responsible citizens and good neighbors. Further, they are expected to comply with University policies, including the Code of Student Conduct and policies of ONL, local laws, and community standards of consideration for and kindness towards others.