Am I required to live on campus?

All undergraduate students are required to live on campus freshman through junior year. 

What are the apartment/residence hall room rates for next year going to be?

Room rates are approved by the Board. Please find the list of room rates here.

How many years of housing am I guaranteed?

On-campus housing is required and thus guaranteed for all full-time freshmen, sophomore and junior students.

Senior students may apply for a fourth year of on campus housing during the Eligibility process in the fall semester.

When can I move into my room?

New students are scheduled to move into the residence halls on Friday, August 26, 2016.  We will notify you of the appropriate move-in time when you receive your housing assignment in early August.

New students cannot request to arrive early, unless they are part of a pre-orientation program, in-season athletic team or a specificlly pre-approved group. Please plan on arriving on your assigned move-in date. If you need to make travel arrangements prior to the when assignments are made, you should make your arrangements to arrive on Saturday.

Can I request a specific residence hall to live in?

First-year housing assignments are generated by computer, and are carefully reviewed by the Office of Residential Living. Requests to live in specific residence halls will not be considered unless there is a religious or health reason for requesting a particular hall, (such as need for a private bath). Please indicate that reason to us in a separate email to newstudenthousing@georgetown.edu. Separate documentation may be required.

It is our experience that students place more value on the friendships made in the residence hall than on the hall's location.

Are there single gender floors available?

First-year single gender floors are available. Locations of these floors may change based on the number of requests for this type of floor. Most residence hall floors are all co-ed. On co-ed floors, separate hall baths for males and females are located on each floor. Only Village C rooms have private bathrooms.

You may request a single-sex floor when you fill out your Living Preference Questionnaire. Only students who select this option will be assigned to a single-sex floor. Students who request a roommate that did not select this option will not be assigned to a single-sex floor.

What are quiet hours?

All residence halls and apartment areas have daily quiet hours that are enforced between 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on nights preceding undergraduate class days and between 12:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on other nights.

When will I know my housing assignment and roommate?

Assignment notifications will be sent to student’s Georgetown email account in early August. Room and roommate information will be available for viewing on Hoya Housing.

What is Hoya Housing?

Hoya Housing is your personalized webpage where you will find your room assignment, room description, roommate information, mailbox number and combination, and package log.  You will be able to report a repair via a work order to Facilities, and select housing for your sophomore, junior and senior year.

I just received my assignment and I want to request a room change. How do I do that?

During the month of August through the second week of classes, there is a room switch freeze. Room change requests are not granted except for emergency purposes during this time. You should take the time to get to know your roommate and discuss the things that are important to you. When you arrive on campus, you and your roommate will be asked to complete a roommate agreement by your Resident Assistant. While students may request a change of building assignment, these requests cannot be guaranteed. If we can make a change prior to arrival you will be notified.

What are Residence Hall and Apartment opening and closing dates for the 2016-2017 academic year?

Residence Halls & Apartments Opening & Closing Schedule

CLOSE for Fall 2016: Wednesday, December 21, at 10am

OPEN for Spring 2017: Tuesday, January 10, at 10am

CLOSE for the Spring 2017: Sunday, May 14 at 12pm (noon)

Can I stay in on-campus housing during breaks?

Students can remain on campus during Thanksgiving, Spring and Easter Breaks and all three-day weekends. During Winter Break, all students living in residence halls and apartments must vacate their residence. You will not be permitted back into your residence until Spring Semester opening.

Are there any single occupancy rooms available?

First-year and sophomore transfer students cannot request to be placed on the single room waitlist. Students with medical need for a single must contact the Academic Resource Center.

Are students with special medical needs or disability given any accommodation?

Students who need special housing accommodation for a medical need or disability must contact the Academic Resource Center. To begin this process, please email medicalhousing@georgetown.edu.

How do I sign-up for a meal plan?

Check the New Student Guide for more information or visit the Dining website.

I am traveling from a long distance and will be shipping my belongings. When will packages be accepted at the residence halls?

The Residence Hall Offices (RHO) will accept packages as they are received. Packages received for students moving in on Friday will not be made available until Saturday to prevent confusion with the Move In process. If you need to send any personal belongings, we encourage you to have them arrive after you have settled in.

Please make your shipping plans accordingly. The delivery services and the University are inundated with packages during the opening days of the Fall semester. This will cause delays in receiving. Please bring any item or belonging with you that you consider critical to your health or that you will need in the first few days of school. The Office of Residential Living will not accept packages on behalf of students. You are the only person allowed to pick up your packages from the RHO and you must present a valid ID.

Living in the Residence Halls

Can I request a room change during the academic year?

Yes. Students who are interested in a room change should first reach out to their Resident Assistant for a roommate mediation. Should you still like to pursue a Room Change, the application to submit this request will be available on Hoya Housing.

All rooms are carpeted and furnished. Residence hall rooms bedrooms have a twin bed, mattress*, desk, desk chair, dresser, closet/wardrobe.

Students are not permitted to loft their beds. Beds can be bunked to provide more floor space in rooms.

All rooms have wireless internet, telephone and are equipped for cable. Visit the RCN website for information about setting up cable television.

Can I personalize my room?

Yes, students are encouraged to make their rooms their home-away-from home. You should coordinate with your roommate on larger items that will take up space in the room. You are welcome to hang posters, pictures, curtains, etc. You cannot put holes in the walls, paint or alter the physical space. We recommend using removable hooks and tape for pictures and posters. Use brands that will not pull away the paint.

Can I bring my own room furniture?

No. All basic furniture is provided by the University and must remain in each room. Do not bring mattresses or large items of furniture. Waterbeds, spas and water chairs are expressly prohibited in the residential facilities.

What size refrigerators are permitted in the residence halls?

Refrigerators are limited to a maximum capacity of 3 cubic feet. Rental units that meet safety requirements are available each year at registration under the sponsorship of a student club.

What is an RHO?

The Residence Hall Office (RHO) is an office in many residential facilities. One RHO can serve for 1-3 residence areas.

Services provided by the RHO includes:

  • Key pick-up at the beginning of the semester
  • Key return when you move-out
  • Package pick-up
  • Vacuum cleaner rental
  • Moving carts
  • Lock outs

Where is my RHO?

Darnall, Henle Northeast Triangle (NET): NET Lobby
Harbin, Village C East & West: Village C West Lobby
New South, Village A & Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall (keys only): New South Lobby
Kennedy, McCarthy & Reynolds: Kennedy Hall Lobby
Copley & Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall (packages): Copley Hall Lobby
Alumni Square, LXR, Nevils & Townhouse: LXR Lobby

How should I have packages sent to me?

Packages should be addressed to you in the following format to ensure proper routing:

Student Name
Your Residence Hall Office (e.g.Village C RHO)
Housing Assignment (e.g.Harbin Hall 103)
Georgetown University
37th and O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057

Packages are received by the Residence Hall Office (RHO). You will receive an e-mail notification that you have a package waiting for you. You may go to the RHO during their operating hours to sign for and pick up your package.

Where should I have my mail sent?

Your address and box number will be provided with your room assignment the first week of August. Please follow the mailing format below to ensure your package is sent to the correct location. Your box number will change based on your room assignment. Please make sure to update friends and family when your address changes. For USPS packages that require confirmation, please use the signature confirmation service rather than delivery confirmation.

  • Name Residence and Room Number
  • Box Number
  • Georgetown University
  • Washington DC 20057-(last 4 digits of your box number)


Can I choose my own roommate?

First-Year students can participate in CHARMS.

I have been accepted into a Living Learning Community. Should I still complete CHARMS?

Yes, if you are accepted into the following LLCs: Living Well, Culture and Performance, Explore DC and Entrepreneurship. Only these LLCs will let you participate in CHARMS and find a roommate who has also been accepted to this LLC. Students accepted to Justice and Diversity or Global Living (international students) will be matched with a roommate by the advisor. 

I can see where some students would want to search for a roommate, but I'd rather avoid the process altogether. What can I do?

You simply do not need to set up a Roommate Profile or use the CHARMS page in your housing application. If you have completed the Living Preference Questionnaire, The Office of Residential Living will use yourLPQ to match you with another student based on your common living preferences.

I understand that I can send messages to other students through CHARMS, but how does it work? Is it like Instant Messenger?

Not exactly. When you send a message to another student, CHARMS generates an email to that student's GUMail account (their @georgetown.edu address). The email informs the student that they have a message waiting, and they will see a link to the message room you two share privately within CHARMS. That student can log into Hoya Housing, read the message and respond back if desired. Since all the notifications go to your @georgetown.edu address, it's important that you have your email address set up.

I've started searching for a roommate, but I feel overwhelmed by the process. What can I do?

No problem. There are three ways to search for roommates in CHARMS. You can either use the Roommate Suggestions section to review potential roommate matches that have been determined based on all your LPQ answers. Search for a specific roommate if you know their NetID. Or search for roommates by filtering specific LPQ answers.

The deadline for the roommate matching process is almost here, and I don't have a roommate yet. What should I do?

Don't worry. If you don't have a roommate by the time that CHARMS ends, the Office of Residential Living will use your LPQ to match you with another student based on your common living preferences.

If I don't participate in the CHARMS process, does that mean that I will not have a roommate when I get to Georgetown?

The Office of Residential Living will use your living preference questionnaire to match you with another student to form a roommate pair based on your common living preferences.

I have been matched with a roommate through CHARMS, but now I've changed my mind and no longer want to live with this student. Can you break up the roommate pair so that I can start over?

As a rule, you should consider a roommate match made through CHARMS to be final. Breaking the roommate pair is unfair to one if not both students, as you will both have to start the process over with limited time left before the deadline. In addition, all other invitations to or from the students would have already been cancelled. Make sure that you are satisfied with the student you are matching yourself with before the roommate invitation is ultimately accepted.

Only in extreme circumstances we dissolve at roommate pair, however, both students have to notify the office in writing requesting the dissolution. At that point, the Office of Residential Living will use yourLPQ to match you with another student to form a roommate pair based on your common living preferences.

Why can't I see names or email addresses of the other students while I am searching?

We want to protect the anonymity of all of the students during the CHARMS process. We want students to be able to extend, accept or decline invitations without having to worry about rubbing another student the wrong way.

Once I have made my roommate match, will I be able to continue exchanging messages with other students I met in the process?

No. Once you made a match, you will no longer be able to use the CHARMS program. If there are students who you want to continue to communicate with, you will need to exchange contact information with them before a final match is made.

How do I select housing?

New Student Orientation will be mailing information regarding NSO Registration to include information about housing. You will be directed to our website. You should have received your NetID from the Admissions Office which will allow you to log into Hoya Housing.

Early Arrivals

May I apply for early arrival housing?

New Students are not permitted to arrive prior to their assigned move-in date. First-year students who are part of pre-orientation programs or athletes with preseason training will be contacted by those offices regarding arrival dates and times.