Hoya Housing



Hoya Housing replaces the former Housing-at-a-Glance page as your access to Residential Living applications, forms and your housing information! Once logged into the system, you will see several tabs along the top of the page from which you can access various applications and forms.  

Various Tabs

  • current housing assignment
  • class year (which is labeled “classification”)
  • mailbox number and combination
  • selection points
  • Residential Living email notifications
  • housing selection (returning students)
  • new student housing (first year and transfer students)
  • summer housing
  • junior year swap
  • rising senior eligibility
  • study abroad room hold
  • a residency exemption
  • applying for a Living Learning Community
  • an RA position
  • summer employment (RHO assistants, conference assistance, office assistants, crew, etc)
  • academic year employment  (RHO assistants, conference assistance, office assistants, crew, etc)

*If an application is no longer open, you will not have access or be able to see the link.

  • request a room change
  • request to fill a vacancy in an existing space
  • edit/update agreement with your roommate
  • always be able to refer to it
  • May transition if you need to stay late
  • August transition if you need to arrive early

How Hoya Housing will be used for Housing Selection

You will most likely be interacting with Hoya Housing for the first time to complete the Housing Selection process. All students must start the application process to be able to select housing. You will be required to submit emergency contact information, complete a Living Preference Questionnaire and sign the Housing Occupancy Agreement before you can select a residence. For more information about the housing selection process, visit the Housing Selection Website.

If at any point you have questions or concerns, please contact The Office of Residential Living at residentialliving@georgetown.edu or (202) 687-4560