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Explore D.C. aims to connect first-year students with the vibrant and diverse community of Washington D.C. by providing students with unique opportunities to experience D.C. culture through local events, excursions, community service projects, and professional networking opportunities. Students also engage in themed discussions and dialogues that promote reflection, inclusivity, and social justice.

During the first semester, students learn how to navigate the city, utilize campus resources to engage with the broader D.C. community, and gain an understanding of how D.C. evolved into the melting pot culture that it is today.  These opportunities build a solid foundation at the beginning of the academic year and continue to enhance student's experiences at and beyond Georgetown. As the academic year progresses, students are encouraged to draw from Jesuit values of service and ‘men and women for others’ and collaborate in a group initiative that pinpoints an area of need in the D.C. community.

From tours at the Pentagon and Capitol Hill to excursions at Frederick Douglas’s house and Eastern Market, Explore D.C. offers a comprehensive taste of the city and opportunities to engage beyond the front gates that few students get to experience.  For more information contact Joelle Tolifero at jlt127@georgetown.edu

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The LLC application process for first year students begins in May. Be on the lookout for information via email.

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Open to: First year students
Located in: Darnall Hall