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Magis Row is an independent living learning community where residents can pursue individual passions through the infusion of academic and service. This unique residential experience encompasses a continued commitment to personal growth through community involvement social awareness, and the development of leaders dedicated to service while ever striving toward magis.

MAGIS ROW 2016-17

  • Caritas: Caritas is a community of Catholic women committed to the pursuit of faith, hope, and love in action. We are dedicated to creating a culture of encounter through service and fellowship.
  • House of Books: House of Books seeks to emphasize the importance of literacy for human development and to encourage the pursuance of reading for personal growth. We facilitate discussions and host events to allow for reading for fun (i.e. comedians' biographies, sections of our favorite books) and for education (i.e. partnerships with social justice organizations such as Free Minds Book Club and Jumpstart DC).
  • Human Trafficking in America: This house will equip our peers with the information they need to fight human trafficking across the country. In doing so, it will catalyze positive change on the Hilltop and off.
  • Intersectional Feminism: The Intersectional Feminism House fosters a space for Hoyas to engage in feminist dialogue and service through an intersectional lens.
  • Intersectional Labor Justice House: Our mission for the Intersectional Labor Justice House is to create a space for organizing where justice- and labor-related ideas can flourish and be strengthened. Since we are all already involved with organizing at Georgetown, it is the physical space of the house itself that will be central to our mission. We want to use this space to build a community of support and care for students engaged in organizing efforts on campus. Working for social justice is difficult and draining, and we hope to make our house a place where students can come to recharge and take care of themselves so as to better be able to care for the community. We also hope to make it a space to foster stronger relationships between students and campus workers.
  • John and Alicia Nash House: In the spirit of Georgetown and our Jesuit values, the John & Alicia Nash House’s mission is to destigmatize mental illness and to foster an environment where students can better understand what mental health means across diverse backgrounds. We hope to achieve this through events that emphasize reflection, discussion with peers, and service to the Georgetown and greater Washington, DC communities.
  • Meditation House: Meditation House is focused on using the practice of meditation as a means of personal and social transformation. In this regard, we find unique ways to use meditation as a form of social justice or to promote mental health.
  • Queen House: As people of color, we are forced to think about the ways our race causes us to interact with others and the world around us. As women, we are once again called to recognize the marginalized status we hold in society. As women of color, we sit at the nexus of these two identities. The QUEEN House centers on uplifting Black and other marginalized women through social justice, self-empowerment, and spirituality. We seek to create a safe space for members of the community to forge relationships and promote intergroup understanding.
  • Rooted: The Rooted House focuses on eating sustainably. We care about food as a way to connect different people, cultures, and communities. We care about the power of meals to carry social change forward.
  • The Anchor House: In The Anchor House, we hope to expose Georgetown students and ourselves to issues of homelessness. Our primary goals are education, outreach, service, and to break the stigma plaguing people experiencing homelessness.
  • U.R.B.A.N: Under-Represented Brothers from Across the Nation: The URBAN House aims to address a pervasive issue faced by males of color on campus: a sense of intimidation due to a lack of a solid community.  In our second year, we hope to further explore the broader issues within the city of DC. Not only will we continue to cultivate a welcoming environment, but we will also further opportunities for youth in the city through mentorship and community engagement.
Magis Row 2015-16
  • Global Development Incubator
  • House of Books
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Magnificat: Catholic Women and Spirituality House
  • QUEEN House
  • Rooted
  • Student-Worker Solidarity House
  • The Lighthouse
  • Turbulent Middle East
  • URBAN: UnderRepresented Brothers from Across a Nation
  • Women Policy Makers: Manu Propria
Magis Row 2014-15
  • Immigrant's Home
  • Female Empowerment/ Terra Incognita House
  • Magnificat/ Catholic Women & Spirituality
  • Justice As A Movement
  • Proactive Living and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Meditation House
  • Women Policy Makers
  • Renaissance House
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • SPARK (Students Passionate about Academic Research and Knowledge)
  • The Tree HAUS/ Hoyas Altering Urban Space
Magis Row 2013-2014
  • Catholic Education and Understanding
  • Contemplation in Action
  • Education for Social Change
  • El Hogar del Poder Latino (HPL)
  • Patrick Healy House
  • Renaissance House
  • Terra Incognita
  • The Leader Innovating for Tomorrow (LIFT)
  • Women in Science
Magis Row 2012-2013
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Contemplation in Action
  • Patrick Healy House
  • Four Corners
  • Hinduism and Modern Issues
  • GU Men United
  • Latinas Advancing DC Youth (LADY)
  • LightHouse
  • La Casita
  • Renaissance House
  • Reverse GreenHouse
  • Social Change and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Magis Row 2011-2012
  • Contemplation in Action (Male)
  • Contemplation in Action (Female)
  • La Casita
  • Cooking with a Conscience
  • Women United
  • Education for Social Change
  • The Body Positive House
  • Georgetown Urban Arts Patrons
  • Catholic Social Justice Teaching (Female)
  • Catholic Social Justice Teaching (Male)
  • Four Corners
  • Engagement in Community
  • Generational House
  • Promise DC


Please apply via Hoya Housing from December 5th, 2016-February 9th, 2017

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Open to: Juniors and Seniors
Located in: Townhouses