Movable Feast

Digesting Georgetown: A Movable Feast with Faculty

*Movable Feast for 2016-2017 has begun! Please see the application below to inquire about an opportunity!

Invite your favorite faculty member for dinner, pick their brain about the things you don’t ask in class, and have a conversation you’ll take with you long after your last course at Georgetown.

The Office of Residential Living is pleased to be sponsoring Digesting Georgetown: A Movable Feast with Faculty to allow students to share a meal and engage with both faculty members and academic Deans.  Meals may take place in the comfort of the students’ own home or at a local restaurant. 

This program is designed to encourage students, faculty, and academic deans at Georgetown to have substantive conversations outside of class, engaging around topics of academic interests, future studies and general life experiences.


  • For students, faculty & academic deans only.
  • Designed for groups of three or more students and a faculty member.
  • NEW THIS YEAR:  Open to all class years!
  • Decide on a date with your faculty member before submitting your application.
  • Submit the application at least five business days in advance.

Application Instructions

  • After securing a date and time for your dinner event, fill out the application form
  • Include subject of your dinner conversation
  • Submit application form 

A representative from Residential Living will send you an email to confirm the status of your application within two business days of the receipt of your application.

Day-of-Event Specifics

If you are receiving a delivery, the delivering restaurant will call the individual in your group responsible for picking up food at the number listed on your application form. Please ensure you are home at delivery time indicated in your confirmation email to receive your dinner order.

If you selected a restaurant that requires pick up, please note the pick up time in the confirmation email sent to you. 

Menu Choices

Menu choices should be made so that the cost of the meal does not exceed $100.  If particular items should be ordered for several individuals, it is necessary to indicate the number of orders you will need for each item, e.g., vegetarian lasagna – 4.  If a number is not indicated, one order will be placed for each item.  In an effort to better serve your guests, you should also alert us of any specific dietary limits (e.g. halal, kosher, vegetarian or any other dietary restrictions). Please do not forget to order your beverages. We would appreciate 24 hour notice if you need to cancel any specially-ordered meals. 

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