Move In: Fall 2017 Returning Students

Move-In Information

Welcome back! Residence halls, townhouses and apartments open on Sunday, August 27, 2017 for returning students. You can pick up your key from your designated RHO between 9 am and 9 pm. Please be sure to bring your GOCard with you, for this is the only way we are able to check students in. Further information will be disseminated later in the summer.

August Transition Information

The August Transition Request form will be available in Hoya Housing 

  • Sign-up begins 9am, Monday, July 3 
  • Sign-up ends 5pm, Friday, July 12

You may apply for one of the three options you may qualify for below:


If you are currently living on campus through the end of summer housing (August 12), and have an on-campus academic year assignment, you may request August Transition housing for August 12 - 26.

The rate is $50 per night. You will be charged August 12 – 26.
You must be on campus the day of your scheduled move. Students who do not move by their move-out date may be assessed a late check-out fee and storage charges of $200 per box.
You will remain in your summer assignment until your academic year assignment is ready to be occupied. Your official move-out date will be emailed to you the first week of August. Do not make travel plans until you receive this email.


If you are part of a department or organization that requires early arrival, your name should have already been submitted to our office.

Students who are already scheduled to arrive early with a specific department, may request to come one (1) day earlier than their department has requested. Any students who request to come in on August 16 or earlier will be assigned to temporary housing until August 18. 

IMPORTANT: If you submit a request for more than one day, your request will be denied.


Continuing students with an on-campus fall assignment, may request to move in early - the early move in date is August 23 or August 24. Move in will NOT be approved for August 25 & 26 as these are Move-in & NSO kick-off days.

The rate is $50 per night. You will be charged for August 23-26.  

If you are approved come in early, you can check-in at your designated RHO beginning at 4pm.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While we make every effort to move students directly to their academic year assignment, in the event that your academic year assignment is not ready, we will need to assign you to a temporary space. These details will be outline in the email you receive in August.

PAYMENT: The August Transition charge will be applied to your student account by the first week of August.

LATE REQUESTS: Requests received after July 12 may be submitted to If we are able to accommodate the request, the rate will be $75 per person, per night. 

  • Students who arrive on campus without approval may not be accommodated. If we are able to make an exception, they will be charged $100 per night. 
  • Students who have a roommate who is approved for August Transition cannot move in early unless they are also approved.
  • Keys and GOCard access be declined until your approved move-in date. A $150 per night fee will be assessed to any student residing on campus without authorization.