Rental Walk-Through

If you are seriously considering renting a particular property, it is necessary that you conduct a walk-through inspection. A walk-through inspection is intended to protect you from being financially responsible for existing conditions that were present in the apartment/home before you moved in. Take a look at our walk-through checklist.

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If you learn that your landlord does not have the required BBL, you should schedule an inspection. If your landlord has a BBL, you may still schedule an inspection if you have a concern about an issue in your residence or about the condition of your residence.

Find out what DCRA looks for when inspecting a rental property.

What is a BBL?

When property owners decide to rent a house, an apartment building or simply a portion of their home, the District of Columbia requires that they obtain a Basic Business License (BBL). This enables the City to ensure the property is safe to occupy and can be properly monitored. It gives renters and the landlord certain protections. It also triggers an inspection by the D.C. Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and the D.C. Fire Marshal.

If your landlord is legally licensed to rent, the property has been inspected. If they are not legally licensed, there may not have been an inspection and unsafe conditions could exist.

Verify Your Landlord's BBL