Your Lease

When it comes to a lease, you are responsible for being aware of what it says. It’s important to read it carefully before signing and to keep a copy of it after both you and your landlord have signed.

Document existing conditions

After you conduct your walk-through, you should document all existing damages and hazards and make a note of them in the lease. Both you and your landlord should sign and date all documents (such as your walk-through checklist) and add them to the lease agreement. These documents will prevent your landlord for trying to charge you for existing damages when you move out.

Free Legal Advice

Once a month the Office of Neighborhood Life partners with Law Students In Court (LSIC) to provide free legal advice regarding lease and tenant issues.  Below is the schedule for the Fall 2016 semester:

  Date Time Location
  September 15th 3pm-5pm ONL, 1300 36th St, NW
  October 20th 3pm-5pm ONL, 1300 36th St, NW
  November 17th 3pm-5pm ONL, 1300 36th St, NW
  December 8th 3pm-5pm ONL, 1300 36th St, NW

Know Your rights and responsibilities