Renter's Insurance

ONL strongly recommends that all students renting property purchase some form of renter's insurance.

What You should Know

  • Your landlord's policy does not cover any of your belongings. You must purchase renter's insurance to cover losses if any of your possessions (such as your laptop, CDs, clothes or furniture) are lost due to theft or destruction.
  • Basic renter's insurance often includes protection for you in case someone is hurt in your home. Check with your insurance company, as policies and coverage differ.
  • Check with your parents to find out whether you are covered under their insurance policy. Students are typically covered under their parents' policy when living in campus housing but not covered when renting off campus in a privately owned property.
  • Renter's insurance is relatively inexpensive, considering the protection it provides for you. Most insurance providers offer free quotes for renter's insurance online.