Finding a Rental

Finding an apartment off-campus may take more time than you anticipate. The housing marketing in the DC area is competitive and apartment hunting can be frustrating if you aren’t prepared. If renting a home in the District of Columbia, it is also important to choose a home that is up-to-code with the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).

How do I find a place?

Using Georgetown University's housing listing website, search for housing available near GU's campuses. Do not limit yourself to the Georgetown neighborhood, as available properties are spread out many different neighborhoods in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. If you find something you like, make sure you call the landlord to confirm that the property is still available for rent. Simply login with your Georgetown University NetID. If you have not yet received your NetID, not a problem. Make sure to create a guest account, and your access to the website will be granted shortly after.

Finding your housing – Step by Step:

1) Go online and do the research
2) Select a neighborhood(s)
3) Make a list of housing option that interest you
4) Contact the property manager/landlord to schedule an appointment to see the property
5) Visit the property
6) Make sure that property and landlord are trustworthy
7) Read the lease carefully and know your rights
8) Sign and enjoy your new home!


  • Make a Check List:
    • Decide what you will and won’t compromise on when it comes to housing before you look at places and bring a list with you as a reminder.
  • Consider Location and Transportation:
    • Remember to think about how accessible the location is to transportation. In addition to the metro, there are many bus lines that run throughout the DC Metro Area.
    • If you plan to walk to campus from your apartment, think about how long you will be able to walk when it’s cold out. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your walk is less than 20 minutes.
  • Prepare for a Competitive Market:
    • Bring your checkbook when you look at apartments, and be prepared to fill out an application and put down a deposit to secure the apartment.
    • Know that August is a particularly competitive month as many students will be looking for housing at that time.