Henle Village


Henle Village is an upperclass apartment complex known for its open spaces called the "fishbowl", "courtyard" and "the big tree". Most students refer to their apartment as "My Henle". It is named for long serving President Robert Henle, S.J and is located near Leavey Center. Henle's location is an easy walk to the bookstore, several places to eat, and Red Square! Henle consists of 4-person and 5-person apartments arranged in stairwells of six to eight apartments. A few apartments on the ground level have doors that open to a patio.


  • Laundry facilities in each apartment
  • Mail facilities available
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Cable is available for a monthly service fee through our campus provider, RCN
  • 1 community room
  • Outdoor grill area

Hall Features

  • Average apartment square footage: 795.53 sq ft. (see example floor plan in photos above)
  • 4-person units
    • either two double rooms or one double room and two single rooms
  • 5-person units
    • two double rooms
    • one single room
  • the kitchen is furnished with:
    • an electric range
    • double sink with disposal
    • capinets & drawers
    • full size refrigerator/freezer
  • the living room is furnished with:
    • a large shelf unit
    • a double-door wardrobe
    • a sofa and two easy chairs
    • two lamps
    • a coffee table and end table
  • air-conditioning
  • the bedrooms and bathrooms are located either upstairs or downstairs from the main level
  • A Chaplain-in-Residence

Room Features

  • Each student has:
    • a bunkable bed
    • a small three drawer dresser
    • a desk with hutch (no built-in lighting)
    • a closet with overhead storage space

Community Director

Jillian Sitjar