Nevils contains mostly four, five, and six-person apartments with full kitchens and one or two full baths. These apartments are particularly popular with upperclass students because of their spaciousness and unique design. LXR and Nevils, along with the Walsh academic building, are part of East Campus. These three share an outdoor courtyard which contains park benches, shady areas, and space to park bicycles. Close to M street, LXR and Nevils offer a great combination of near classes and activities for outside of class!


  • Laundry facilities with an adjacent folding/TV room and vending machines on the ground floor of LXR
  • Mail facilities on the first floor of LXR
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Cable is available for a monthly service fee through our campus provider, RCN
  • Print stations are available
  • 2 music practice rooms on the ground floor of LXR
  • 2 seminar rooms on the first floor of LXR
  • 1 multipurpose room, 1 large community room
  • Outdoor grill area

Hall Features

  • Nevils is comprised of four sections: Nordhoff, Kober, Riggs, and Lisner
    • four person apartments with two bedrooms, one bath
    • five person apartments with two bedrooms, one bath
    • six person apartments with three bedrooms, two baths
  • Average* apartment square footage is as follows for the 4 sections:
    • K = 925.89 sq. ft.
    • L = 1218.75 sq. ft.
    • N = 1006.17 sq. ft.
    • R = 1102.08 sq. ft.
  • one bedroom and one bathroom ( sometimes a half-bathroom without a shower) are on the entry-level
  • two bedrooms and a full bath (usually containing double sink and showers) are on the second level
  • the living rooms are furnished with:
    • a sofa or loveseat
    • one or two arm chairs
    • one or two end tables
    • a dining table and chairs
    • some apartments have a shelf unit, although it is not a standard piece in every apartment
  • the kitchens vary in size, but all include:
    • an electrical range
    • double sink with disposal
    • spacious cabinets and drawers
    • full size refrigerator with freezer
  • Faculty-in-Residence
  • Chaplain-in-Residence

Room Features

  • beds in Nevils apartments may or may not be bunkable
    • non-bunkable beds furnished with under bed drawers for storage
    • in rooms with bunkable beds, dressers are provided
  • some apartments have platform lofts, which allow for more floor space and provide a sleeping area for one person
    • click here to review a list of rooms with lofted beds
    • review photos of a typical loft in the photo library above
  • some bedrooms also have a study alcove which provides a secluded space for a desk or bed.

Community Director

Jordan Bolte