Ryan Hall & Isaac Hawkins Hall

Home of the Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy


Ryan Hall & Isaac Hawkins Hall are home to the Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy. Celebrating the nine tenets of the Spirit of Georgetown, the 148 students selected to reside in the Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy will have the unique opportunity to reflect on their time at Georgetown through formative activities and events, founded on strong community engagement and ownership.

For many decades, the Jesuit community of Georgetown University built their community within the corridors of these historic buildings.  Built at the turn of the 19th century, nestled within the historic quad of campus and overlooking the Potomac River, the Former Jesuit Residence has a lasting significance on Georgetown’s campus.


  • Memorial Hall has two large screen televisions and billiards table
  • Kitchen on every floor for community use
  • Potomac Terrace has stunning views of the Potomac River
  • Laundry located on ground floor
  • Courtyard with outdoor seating and grill area

Hall Features

  • Houses 148 students who applied to be a part of the Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy
  • 5 floors
    • double occupancy rooms
    • suites & semi-suites
    • apartments
  • Memorial Hall is located on the 4th floor
    • balcony/terrace overlooking the Potomac River
    • pool table and seating areas
  • A Jesuit-in-Residence

Room Features

Ryan Hall and Isaac Hawkins Hall offer students a number of unique housing options.  Students may select to live in groups ranging from 2 to 9 in one of the following accommodation types:

  • 2 person double with bath
  • 4 person semi-suite (some lofted)
  • 4 person apartments (some lofted)
  • 6 person apartments (some lofted)
  • 8 person apartments (some lofted)
  • 9 person apartment

Each room is furnished with:

  • a bed for each resident
  • a desk with hutch and a chair for each resident
  • set of drawers
  • built-in closets (no doors)
  • hardwood flooring
  • its own temperature control

Community Director

  • Christopher Barth
    • christopher.barth@georgetown.edu
    • 202 687.2034