Village A


Village A, an upper class apartment complex, is designed as a series of townhouses with connecting catwalks. Access to indoor stairwells and covered walkways provide sheltered transportation during rain and cold temperatures. Some Village A apartments contain private balconies with sliding glass doors, which provide a spectacular view of the Potomac River. Rooftop apartments have large decks with a clear view of Rosslyn, Virginia and several Washington landmarks such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Kennedy Center, and Watergate Hotel.

There are three unique floor plans to Village A; one is split level, another is two levels and the last is a single floor layout. In the middle of the complex (at the end of C Block) is the Village A Community Room and grills; a popular spot for programs and some weekend grilling events. Large patios are great for hosting gatherings and are often a place where Hoyas come to socialize on the weekends.


  • Laundry facilities on the ground floor
  • Mail facilities and vending machines in lobby
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Cable is available for a monthly service fee through our campus provider, RCN
  • Outdoor grill area

Hall Features

  • Average apartment square footage: 764.98 sq ft. (see example floor plan in photos above)
  • Village A consists of four-person apartments with their own entrances
    • two double rooms
    • one shared bath
  • Village A living rooms have:
    • either one sofa and one easy chair or a love seat and two easy chairs
    • a bookshelf
    • two wardrobes
    • lamps
    • a dining table with chairs
  • The kitchen may be located at the end of the living room, or separated from the living room by a wall. Kitchen contains:
    • an electric range
    • double sink with disposal
    • spacious cabinets and drawers
    • a full size refrigerator
  • The bathroom is designed with:
    • double sinks
    • a toilet
    • either a shower or shower/tub combination
  • Hall closet for extra storage
  • Carpeting
  • Apartment temperature control
  • A Chaplain-in-Residence
  • A Jesuit-in-Residence

Room Features

  • Bedrooms are furnished with:
    • two beds with drawers underneath
    • desks with shelves above
    • closets within the bedrooms are open, without doors, and have shelf space on top

Community Director

Kas Bryant
(202) 687.8432